Key Performance Indicators 2014

UNITAID’s pioneering investments, financed substantially by an air ticket levy, have shaped the markets for paediatric and second line medicines for HIV/AIDS, new diagnostic tools to detect TB and the provision of ACTs to private sector outlets where up to 60% of people seek treatment for malaria in high burden countries. Reflecting on these accomplishments and looking to address gaps in the availability and affordability of life-saving products for the HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria, UNITAID produced a new strategy for 2013-2016. The Strategy focuses on products needed to reduce the burden of disease where that burden is highest, in the world’s poorest populations. The new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) presented here are aligned with the  6 strategic objectives outlined in UNITAID’s Strategy 2013-2016. They will measure performance of the organization towards fully implementing the strategy while monitoring achievements and highlighting the challenges of our grants for the strategy period.

The KPIs focus at a strategic level on UNITAID’s market shaping role and its uniqueness in global public health. The overall framework for the KPIs is provided below.

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