ELYX celebrates 10 years of Innovation with #UNITAIDat10

In 2016, UNITAID is celebrating 10 years of innovation in global health

Elyx is the first ‘digital ambassador’ for the United Nations (UN) and the creation of renowned French artist YAK. Transcending boundaries, Elyx has no race, sex, nationality, or audible voice. Elyx engages the world with curiosity and good humour and shares his experiences through sketches and photos. Thus, Elyx is a universal character that can be understood by all everywhere. Drawn in a very simple style, Elyx still expresses a great number of different expressions and shares them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Elyx bears the values of the Sustainable Development Goals, and today he’s focussing on goal number three: “Good Health and Well-being”. Elyx wishes UNITAID a Happy 10th Birthday, encourages the organisation to continue to combat hepatitis, and work to end the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria by 2030.


For more on Elyx follow @UNITAID on Twitter and check out #UNITAIDat10

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