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Unitaid’s impact creates a ripple effect that extends far beyond the borders of the countries where we have projects

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Country Background

Key Indicators (1) Country Region
Total population (000s) 1,411,415 1,889,901
GDP per capita, PPP in $ 16807 14905
Healthy life expectancy at birth, in years 68.7 68.9
Under 5 mortality rate, per 1,000 live births 9.9 38.9
HIV prevalence ... [... - ...] 0.2 [0.1 - 0.2]
New HIV infections among adults 15-49 years old, per 1,000 uninfected population - 0.08
TB incidence, per 100,000 population 64 240
Malaria incidence, per 1,000 population at risk <0.1 16.5

Unitaid investments

$4.8M Completed Projects
96% 4%

Completed project expenditures by disease

HIV and Co-infections

Current Projects

Core Investment Area Project Lead Grantee Project Duration
, , , High-tech tests for drug-resistant TB FIND 2019-2021

Other Unitaid investment areas that could benefit this country

Paediatric tuberculosis treatment

Unitaid is seeking to speed up adoption of treatments and diagnostic tools better suited to children with TB. Nearly 575 children die each day from TB.

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Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

Only about half of patients with multidrug-resistant TB are cured. Unitaid is investing in developing treatments that are simpler, shorter and less toxic.

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Preventive tuberculosis treatment

Unitaid is investing to develop new, shorter preventive treatment regimens for those who could benefit most, particularly children and people living with HIV.

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Hepatitis C Virus

Unitaid is working to improve data collection on hepatitis C and HIV co-infection, develop new diagnostics, and make HCV medicines more affordable.

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Last Update March, 2019

(1) The country and regional data is based on the most up-to-date official statistics provided in WHO’s World Health Statistics Report, The World Bank data, and UNAIDS AIDSInfo.

For all health statistics data please refer to World Health Statistics Report, 2018, available at http://www.who.int/gho/publications/world_health_statistics/2018/en/

For GDP per capita, PPP in $ data, please refer to the World Bank, 2017, available at https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/NY.GDP.PCAP.PP.CD

For HIV prevalence data,  please refer to UNAIDS, AIDSinfo, 2017, available at http://aidsinfo.unaids.org

For more information on financial data presented please refer to Notes to Financial Disclosures on Country Profiles

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