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Meet the TB Expert: Draurio Barreira

News | 23 March 2016
...hink tuberculosis can be eradicated? It’s important to say that we are not talking about complete eradication. No country eradicates TB – even the richest. We are talking about eliminating the disease as a public health issue. That means fewer than 10 cases per 100,000 people. This is already a reality in 30 countries. My country has 33 cases per 100,000. So it’s well on the way. Many countries could achieve this before 2035 and they will. But for...

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Kenya to roll out child-friendly tuberculosis medicines nationwide

News | 27 September 2016 create sustained public engagement about childhood TB in Kenya through talks and social media campaigns for health workers, care givers and the general public. The NTLD-Program is training government health workers to diagnose TB in children and to dispense the new medicines where needed. Improved methods of collecting sputum, and the use of GeneXpert machines where available are helping the diagnostic effort. Health workers will also offer Is...

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Unitaid Chair welcomes amendment to IP rules to ease access of poor countries to medicines

News | 26 January 2017
...h Level Panel on the subject,” said Mr Amorim. Mr Amorim was involved in several steps in the process culminating in the approval of the amendment, particularly with negotiations that led to the Doha Declaration on TRIPS and Public Health in 2001 and the talks that preceded the WTO General Council decision in 2003. Unitaid, under the provisions of its constitution, supports the use by countries of compulsory...

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Equitable global access to vaccines, treatments and diagnostics is key to tackling COVID-19 pandemic

News | 14 May 2020
...use public funds, should be treated as global public health goods. We are talking about sharing intellectual property rights, technology transfers and know-how; respecting them, not giving them up.” She continued, “Unitaid fully supports the declaration by the French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe that access for all to any COVID-19 vaccine, as well as treatments and diagnostics, is not negotiable. We welcome the statement by the French pharmace...

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