Our mission

We expand the reach of the best health products for those who need them most.

We design and invest in innovative approaches to make quality health products available and affordable in low- and middle-income countries.

We inspire and promote collective efforts with partners, countries, and communities, unlocking access to the tools, services and care that can deliver the best results, improve health and address global health priorities.

We have three strategic objectives

Objective 1

Accelerate the introduction and adoption of key health products.

Objective 2

Create systemic conditions for sustainable, equitable access.

Objective 3

Foster inclusive and demand-driven partnerships for innovation.

Our Programmatic Priorities are defined by considering the potential for impact and our ability to make a difference. Key investments will focus on prevention: with a focus on access to high-impact preventive tools, particularly for high-risk groups; testing: to close the detection gap, reduce the number of missed cases, and link to care; and treatment: prioritizing access to simpler, more optimal treatment regimens for adults and children, as well as enhancing adherence to effective treatment to improve outcomes.


HIV & co-infections

Tuberculosis (TB)


Women & children’s health

Respond to global health emergencies

Cross-cutting technologies & topics

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Unitaid Strategy for 2017-2021

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Unitaid 2017-2021 Strategy Review, Final Report/Main report, Vol 1

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Unitaid 2017-2021 Strategy Review, Final Report/Annexes, Vol 2

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Unitaid 2017-2021 Strategy Review, Management Response, Dec 2021

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