Our mission

Maximize effectiveness of global health response by catalyzing equitable access to better health products

Ambitious global health targets and waning international resources call for a more effective response 

Unitaid enables equitable access to innovative health products and works with partners to scale up our initiative

We have three strategic objectives


Unitaid connects innovators who develop better health products with people who need them the most.


Unitaid overcomes barriers to access to health products.


Unitaid works with partners to realize the full impact of its interventions and to ensure scale-up.

We have four investment commitments

We strive for equity

Addressing the needs of the people most affected by diseases.

We maximize value for money

Making the most
of every dollar spent.

We succeed in partnership

Working hand in hand with partners to achieve greater impact.

We invest in products that impact health systems

Selecting investments with the most benefit.

Read the Unitaid Strategy for 2017-2021

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Unitaid 2017-2021 Strategy Review, Final Report/Main report, Vol 1

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Unitaid 2017-2021 Strategy Review, Final Report/Annexes, Vol 2

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Unitaid 2017-2021 Strategy Review, Management Response, Dec 2021

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