06 November 2023 | News

Unitaid partners with the Climate Action Accelerator

To accelerate progress on our climate commitments and make our work more sustainable, we are proud to partner with the Climate Action Accelerator (CAA). CAA is a non-profit organization that provides technical expertise to organizations to help reduce their carbon emissions, creating a global community to push for the race to zero.

CAA will support Unitaid to cut our emissions in half by 2030 or earlier and to reach net-zero by 2050. Partnering with CAA is part of our ongoing work to address the impacts of climate change on our work – and the impact of our work on the environment. The global health sector contributes 4.6% of the world’s carbon emissions, with a notable portion of these emissions associated with the manufacturing, transportation and delivery of health products and services. Unitaid and our partners have a collective responsibility to reduce our own negative impacts on the environment and contribute to making the global health sector more sustainable.

Climate and health is a key priority in our 2023-2027 Strategy. We are working to introduce health products with lower environmental footprints and that support increased resilience for health systems to better adapt to a changing climate. We are also developing a dedicated climate and health strategy to be submitted for approval to the Executive Board in November 2023.


Edits: This article was edited on 28 November 2023 to correct the global health sector’s contribution to the world’s carbon emissions, which amount to 4.6% as per the 2023 report of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change.

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