26 October 2020 | UnitaidExplore

UnitaidExplore keeps seeking!

This call for applications is closed.

UnitaidExplore keeps seeking!

The innovation environment is evolving—UnitaidExplore is a funding mechanism seeking new ideas from across spheres to develop innovations that can be modified, repurposed, or reimagined for the goals of global health.

Unitaid supports innovations that have transformative potential to improve public health in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). UnitaidExplore aims to complement the current focus of Unitaid’s portfolio on innovation, by targeting small projects with the potential for large change. Some key aspects include:

  1. Size: UnitaidExplore aims to invest in the range of USD $500k to 2M with the final amount negotiated during contracting. Funded work is expected to occur over a period of six months to two years.
  2. Proportionality: UnitaidExplore applications are purposefully light and open. After an initial review of all potential solutions, additional materials will be requested from selected applicants.
  3. Stage-gated funding: Applicants will be paid fixed payments following the achievement of agreed milestones and through a performance-based mechanism.

This call closes at 17:00 PM CET on November 25, 2020

Oct. 26

UnitaidExplore Call Opens

Nov. 05

Informational Webinar

Nov. 25

Applications Deadline

Dec. 15

Additional materials
(due: 12 Jan. 2021)

Feb. 2021

Pitch Day

Mar. 2021


Increasing access to medicines for children is vital

Access to optimal medicines and treatments that meet the unique needs of children is vital. Currently there are critical gaps in the availability of fit-for-purpose treatments tailored for children living in LMICs and affected by the deadliest infectious diseases. Commonly those caring for children are forced to administer ill-formulated and dosed medicines. This can lead to ineffective treatment and poor health outcomes, including death. We challenge YOU to propose a solution that can be applied to essential medicines for children in LMICS that can transform and improve their care and treatment leading to lives saved.

UnitaidExplore can help—Let’s solve it together!

UnitaidExplore is looking to improve child health outcomes by developing better delivery systems for children’s medicines for use in low resource settings. Delivery and formulation solutions of interest may include—but are not limited to! —micro-needles, supportive technologies such as taste-masking, enhancement of bioavailability, and others described in the Unitaid landscape Innovative Delivery Systems for Paediatrics Medicines. UnitaidExplore aims to support transformative solutions and we are open to diverse technologies; surprise us!

Unitaid is deeply committed to children’s health. Through UnitaidExplore, we are seeking bright and feasible ideas to make better child-friendly medicines a reality

UnitaidExplore call for applications:

Innovative formulation and delivery solutions for children’s medicines in low-resource settings

Are you interested?

Attend our webinar on 05 November 2020

UnitaidExplore will be hosting a webinar to present the scope and content of the call and answer any process-related questions on Thursday 05 November 2020 at 16:00 Geneva (CET) time.

Register here to receive the webinar details. During registration you can submit questions which UnitaidExplore will aim to address during the webinar. If you are unable to participate in the webinar, a recording of the session will be made available on this page shortly after. Participation in the webinar is optional.

Submit your application before 25 November 2020

  1. Please download the application from here and complete on Microsoft Office Word or other compatible document editing software. Please download the Schedule of Sample Terms and Conditions UnitaidExplore here.
  2. To apply, email UnitaidExplore@who.int with your completed application form before the deadline on Wednesday 25 November, 2020 at 17:00PM CET.
  3. Important notes for your application:

Get ready to Pitch Day in February 2021

Selected applicants will be contacted on 15 December 2020 to submit additional materials by 11 January, 2021. Please be prepared to submit your entity’s legal status, documents supporting the status of any intellectual property, financial statements (audited ones, if available), business plans, and other requested materials.

By early February, finalists will receive the invitation to a Pitch Day in February (date to be confirmed with selected candidates). On Pitch Day, a final set of applicants will discuss their applications with a review panel via video or teleconference. Applicants will be expected to provide a short pitch of their work and address questions raised by the panel during a live discussion. Following Pitch Day, the successful applicant(s) will enter a contracting process with Unitaid.

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