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New Nets Prevent 13 Million Malaria Cases in Sub-Saharan Africa

News | 17 April 2024
...effective against mosquitoes with pyrethroid resistance than standard nets are. Between 2019 and 2022, the New Nets Project supported the deployment of 38.4 million nets across sub-Saharan Africa. In parallel,...

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Bed nets treated with new insecticide combinations reduced malaria infections by nearly half among children in Benin, according to new study  

News | 25 January 2023
...Unitaid and the Global Fund through the New Nets Project has confirmed the high efficacy of a new type of bed net in reducing malaria Bed nets are a cornerstone...

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Health Care’s Climate Footprint: Saving Lives without Costing the Earth

News | 09 January 2024
...sector that strives to keep people well is also contributing to the problem and trailing in climate action, accounting for approximately 4.6 percent of global net carbon emissions—more than the...

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Global Fund and Unitaid to counter insecticide resistance with innovative insecticide-treated mosquito nets

News | 20 September 2018 show that the nets can provide a stronger line of defence against malaria for millions of people. The New Nets Project, approved this month by Unitaid’s Executive Board, will...

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Global Fund and Unitaid Welcome WHO Recommendation for Insecticide-treated Nets With Dual Active Ingredients

News | 14 March 2023 ingredients – pyrethroid and chlorfenapyr. The new net has demonstrated approximately double the protection against malaria provided by the standard pyrethroid-only nets in areas where mosquitoes have already developed...

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Unitaid calls for proposals to catalyse introduction of new insecticide-treated mosquito nets

News | 30 October 2017
...pyrethroids – that are used to treat nets. Mosquito nets protect people from getting bitten by mosquitoes, and are a cornerstone of malaria prevention, estimated to have accounted for 69...

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Maria Donatelli Coalition PLUS, an international network of community organizations fighting HIV, AIDS and hepatitis. In this role, she managed a Unitaid funded project aiming at increasing awareness about Hepatitis C...

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Countdown to 2030: Stronger alignment for country impact

News | 23 May 2024
...with country priorities that safeguards the health of both people and planet – an attainable ambition that the United Nations Development Programme will continue to support with our partners across...

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New report shows 10 lifesaving health products contribute 3.5 megatons of carbon emissions per year – while also being at risk from climate change

News | 28 November 2023
Key points Ten lifesaving health products – from HIV medications to mosquito nets that protect families from malaria – emit 3.5 megatons of carbon each year and impact nature through...

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Industry Engagement Forum in Lagos aims to increase health product manufacturing in Africa

News | 06 May 2024
...and the role of digital technology in enhancing health product distribution networks. The event will also facilitate one-on-one investment clinics and networking opportunities to foster business-to-business and government-to-business collaborations. “The...

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