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Unitaid is looking for fresh ideas that can break through barriers and help put innovative health products in reach of people in low- and lower-middle-income countries. If you have any out-of-the box thinking to share that might help us to fulfil our mission, please read on. We need good suggestions, smart ideas and sharp insights to help us to target our investments.

About Unitaid

Unitaid is hosted partnership of the World Health Organization. Our mission is to maximize the effectiveness of the global health response by catalysing access to better health products, notably for HIV, TB, malaria, hepatitis C and other co-infections of HIV. We also have an interest in integrated approaches benefiting reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health.

We contribute to global efforts to end these diseases by making time-limited investments. Our projects ramp up access to health products for those who need them most. For example, our work may bring better preventive tools, medicines and diagnostics to market; stabilize supply of these critical health products; and make them more affordable. For more information see Unitaid’s Strategy and How we work.

A systematic approach

Unitaid systematically identifies challenges in the disease areas in which it works, prioritizing those we are best suited to address. For more information, see Unitaid’s disease narratives.

We continuously monitor the development of new and innovative tools and systems, using landscape reports and consultations with stakeholders to inform our understanding. When we see realistic opportunities to address a particular challenge, we develop Areas for Intervention – these are strategic areas that pinpoint how we intend to focus our investments. Unitaid can then launch a competitive Call for proposals in these areas, soliciting investment submissions from applicants.

Unitaid recognizes that individuals or organizations may have some really original ideas to increase access to prevention, diagnosis or treatment for HIV, TB, malaria, hepatitis C and other HIV co-infections, or other areas in which Unitaid may be working, such as reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health. We greatly welcome new ideas that increase our awareness of the range of potential solutions.

How to submit your idea

If you have an idea that you believe can help advance Unitaid’s objectives, you are most welcome to submit it online. Please provide a short description of your idea and explain briefly how it would facilitate access to health products, ideally in no more than 400 words.

Please note that any suggestions and ideas submitted by these means are not considered to be formal proposals or applications for funding. In addition, Unitaid does not commit to engage in correspondence about every idea that is submitted.

Any idea you may submit may inform Unitaid’s work, including development of possible Areas for Intervention resulting in future competitive Calls for proposals. This may result in other people or organizations being funded to implement a project related to the idea you submitted.

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