Communities and Civil Society

Unitaid engages with communities and civil society partners who are instrumental in driving the impact and effectiveness of the global health response.

Community and civil society partners help increase awareness of critical health tools and interventions, drive demand, and reach people with vital information

This ensures people are informed and can advocate for access to the best healthcare

Community needs and perspectives shape decisions, guide responses, and help design the most effective interventions especially when included from the beginning

Generating high levels of treatment or health literacy and improved uptake

Harrison Gwaze (right) explains to Patience and Weston how to use a HIV self test (Image: Eric Gauss/UNITAID)

Unitaid’s Community Engagement Framework

Unitaid aims to strengthen community engagement for the introduction and adoption of key health products that are demand driven and people-centred. Communities representatives that are  embedded within communities we seek to reach, or with lived experience of the issues we aim to address, play a critical role in the success of global health programs. Communities, with the support of broader civil society, help create understanding around care seeking behaviors, as well as barriers to access, to ensure interventions address the needs and challenges communities face. They also play a critical role in demand creation, increasing diagnostic and treatment literacy, and ensuring responsible use of new drugs and regimens.

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