15 June 2023 | Statements

Unitaid set to play a crucial role in meeting global health targets by 2030 through the introduction of 30 critical innovations

Geneva – The 42nd session of Unitaid’s Executive Board, organized at the Global Health Campus in Geneva, concluded with strategic decisions that reinforce Unitaid’s commitment to accelerating the introduction and adoption of vital health products worldwide. As a leading global health partnership, Unitaid remains focused on achieving ambitious targets and addressing emerging challenges in the pursuit of better outcomes for vulnerable populations.

The comprehensive performance assessment conducted this year demonstrates that Unitaid has effectively developed a diverse portfolio of investments. These investments aim to expedite the delivery of critical health innovations across multiple disease areas. By successfully executing this endeavour, Unitaid is well positioned to play a crucial role in meeting Sustainable Development Goal 3 and health-related targets by 2030, with the aim of introducing 30 essential health innovations that can be scaled up and reach people in low- and middle-income countries.

During the session, Unitaid’s Executive Board approved two new Areas for Intervention (AfIs), further strengthening the organization’s investment pipeline. The first AfI seeks to accelerate and promote the responsible introduction of new drugs and regimens for drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB). This initiative has the potential to revolutionize DR-TB care and transform the lives of those affected. The second AfI focuses on expediting access to tools for the Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission (EMTCT) of HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, and Chagas disease in endemic areas. Grounded in the vision of ‘Triple Elimination,’ this approach emphasizes the integration of interventions for HIV with services for other sexually transmitted infections, optimizing resource utilization and enhancing uptake.

“Upholding Unitaid’s capacity to deliver invaluable contributions to enhance health outcomes on a global scale is of paramount importance,” said Cecilia Kiku Ishitani, Vice-Chair of the Executive Board of Unitaid. “The decisive actions taken during the 42nd session of the Executive Board propel Unitaid towards its vision, empowering the organization to tackle global health obstacles head-on. With resolute commitment to achieving its new strategic objectives and fulfilling its mandate, Unitaid stands poised to forge a lasting and transformative impact on global health.”

Recognizing the need to sustain Unitaid’s capacity to deliver value in global health, the Board emphasized the importance of maintaining the highest standards and operating with agility. In line with the conclusions and recommendations of the Functional Review, the Board approved a strategic and pragmatic approach to adjust the resources of the Secretariat. This adjustment will enable the Secretariat to effectively and efficiently deliver on its 2023–2027 strategy, while retaining the necessary flexibility to address emerging challenges in global health. By fostering a learning culture and attracting the best talent and partners from all parts of the world, Unitaid will continue to drive transformative change in the global health ecosystem.

“Unitaid’s investments are strategically designed to accelerate the delivery of critical health innovations that advance the elimination of HIV, tuberculosis (TB), and malaria, optimize the response to global health emergencies, and improve women’s health,” said Dr Philippe Duneton, Executive Director of Unitaid. “The Functional Review validates the effectiveness of our diverse investment portfolio, making Unitaid better suited to achieve the 2030 health targets.”

Unitaid remains steadfast in its commitment to improving health outcomes worldwide. The decisions made during the 42nd session of the Executive Board propel Unitaid forward in its mission to confront global health challenges and make critical innovations accessible to those who need them most. With an unwavering dedication to achieving its new strategy and delivering on its mandate, Unitaid is primed to create a lasting impact on global health by leaving no one behind.

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